Introducing the tile-based crossword builder that’s bringing crossword games out of antiquity and onto the shelves of the contemporary table-top gamer!

Rejig is fast-paced, challenging, and tickles the vocabulary bone for word-game aficionados while giving people who just want to have a good time a fighting chance. 

Featuring 10 ways to score points over the course of fast-paced, timed rounds, Rejig is suitable for 2 to 6 players.

There’s also an optional add-on card pack that adds another layer of strategic depth that’s different every round! 

And it’s going to be crowd-funding in 2024!

13 years ago, my brothers and I were playing a leading tile-based crossword builder and we felt like it was missing something... Okay, a lot of things, including: strategy, tension, creativity, robust scoring, and a sweet catch-phrase the winner gets to shout at the end.

So, we added all those things, and we play-tested it for 13 years, and we finally decided it was the perfect crossword- builder. It'll keep everyone enthralled AND on a pretty level playing field, because there a lot of ways for people who don't have diction addictions to score points. So follow this project, because we're about to rejig the entire genre!

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